MOC 2020 will take place at the BACC – Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Centre and at the adjacent fairgrounds known as Quta Land.

The conference and exhibition venue is located within a 20 minutes drive of Alexandria International Airport, which directly connected to most European cities and to Cairo.

Temporary exhibit structures especially commissioned will be built to host the exhibition covering more than 6,500 square meters of space. The pavilions will be air-conditioned.

MOC C/o Quta Exhibition
Dr Abd El-Hameed Sayed, off Ali Moustafa Moshrfah
Alexandria, Egypt

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Conference Centre (BACC) is a state-of-the-art meeting and exhibition facility and is an integral part of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina complex. It is located on the waterfront across from the Eastern Harbor and Silsilah Peninsula. The Conference Centre and the main Library are connected underground below the Plaza of Civilization.

The Bibliotheca Alexandria lies alongside the University of Alexandria Faculty of Arts campus, in Shatby, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea along a substantial portion of its northern frontage. The design concept is a simple circle inclined towards the sea, partly submerged in a pool of water, the image of the Egyptian sun, that in contemporary terms will illuminate the world and human civilization. Moreover, an inclined roof allows indirect daylight and a clear view of the sea. Designed as an arrow, an elevated passageway links the University of Alexandria to the Corniche. The building is surrounded by a wall clad with Aswan granite engraved with calligraphic letters and representative inscriptions from the world civilizations.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina - Egypt

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How to reach to Alexandria

Introducing Alexandria

Known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”, Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria. Alexandria is also the largest city lying directly on the Mediterranean coast. Alexandria is Egypt’s largest seaport, serving approximately 80% of Egypt’s imports and exports. It is an important industrial centre because of its natural gas and oil pipelines from Suez.
Located at the meeting point of the three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe, Egypt has been the cradle of civilization since ancient times.
With an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern, its ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country although it is actually only 200 km from Cairo, linked to it with by two major highways, the Agricultural Road and the Desert Road, and served by international airport.