MOC provides a great platform to meet and consolidate your market. There is no better way to do so than to have your own designated space to meet your partners. We offer a range of exhibition options that are open to you.

MOC as witnessed by the latest exhibitors feedback:

  • 86% rated as excellent or good the value of their participation
  • 84% established new contacts
  • 92% obtained qualified leads

We have already started booking exhibition space despite the ongoing pandemic and since the last 2019 edition we have re-booked almost 70% of the available area!

You can book the space only area and build your stand with a special design and to your specifications, or you can book the space together with a complete shell system equipment, below described:

Book a Stand - Option 1
If you wish to design and build your own stand, please select the SPACE ONLY OPTION at USD 475,00 per square meter: this option provides you with the footprint from where to build your stand.
Suggested for stands of 30 square meters and up.

Book a stand - Option 2
If you wish to book a standard shell scheme, then select the SPACE AND SHELL SCHEME OPTION at USD 585,00 per square meter: this option includes the space, wall-to-wall carpet, partitions, lighting, one table, three chairs and a fascia sign with your name and stand number. Suggested for stands from 9 up to 30 square meters.

Book your space at MOC 2021!

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