MOC is pleased to offer a number of hassle-free ways of booking your event accommodation. For more options to suit your availability and budget please see the useful contact below who will be able to assist.

Hotel Bookings for the Egyptian Sector will be handled by EGPC.

Please use the below contacts to book your hotel at MOC:
EGPC Accommodation Office

Mr. Hassan Mahmoud —- tel: +20 1223977374 / 1115112222

Mr. Ahmed Shabana —- tel: + 20 1227337136 / 1009451108


For all other hotel booking requests, we invite you to contact MOC Accommodation Department to book your hotel at MOC.

Mr. Haitham Gaber / Tel: +20 1227331880 / E-mail:

Mr. Ayman Alsaeed / Tel: +20 1023564874 / E-mail: