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Belaym Petroleum Co.
El Mokhayam El Dayem St., Nasr City
Cairo, Egypt
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IES srl
Z.I. Settevene
Via Cassia km 36,400
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Alexandria - Egypt

MOC 2010 is held at :
Alexandria Conference Centre
1 Sotir Street, off Port Said Street
Alexandria, Egypt

The exhibition takes place in the adjacent exhibition grounds known as the Qota Land, Port Said Street, Alexandria, Egypt, in the city centre close to several hotels and within 15 minutes of the Alexandria International Airport.


MOC enjoys the support of the Governornorate of Alexandria





The second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria, known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean", has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern; its ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country although it is actually only 200 km. from Cairo.
From the 19th century Alexandria took a new role, as a focus for Egypt's commercial and maritime expansion. The unique location of Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea, has made possible the realization of the dream of Alexander the Great. That dream was that Alexandria would be the centre of the most prominent civilizations of the time: the Egyptian, the Greek and the Middle Eastern civilizations.


A view of the New Library of Alexandria

At the meeting point of the three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe, Egypt has been the cradle of civilizations since ancient times. The ancient city of Alexandria was at the beginning of the third century B.C. the birthplace of the great plan to build a library: the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. But a fire, which ravaged Alexandria, destroyed the library, this vast storehouse of learning. 2,000 years later, after 10 years of planning, the Egyptian government and UNESCO have combined their efforts in order to revive the ancient Library.

The Alexandria Library has now risen from the ashes of antiquity so that it might once more lead the world as a cultural centre and a focal point for knowledge not only in Egypt, but for the world as a whole. The revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria aims at offering a universal modern public library to be a centre of culture, science and academic research.

The Bibliotheca Alexandria lies alongside the University of Alexandria Faculty of Arts campus, in Shatby, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea along a substantial portion of its northern frontage. The design concept is a simple circle inclined towards the sea, partly submerged in a pool of water, the image of the Egyptian sun, that in contemporary terms will illuminate the world and human civilization. Moreover, an inclined roof allows indirect daylight and a clear view of the sea. Designed as an arrow, an elevated passageway links the University of Alexandria to the Corniche. The building is surrounded by a wall clad with Aswan granite engraved with calligraphic letters and representative inscriptions from the world civilizations.



Total site area: 40,000 m
Total Library floor areas: 69,000 m
No. of floors: 13
No. of seats: 3500
No. of volumes: 4 million
No. of maps: 50,000
No. of manuscripts: 100,000
No. of electronic applications: 30 data bases
No. of rare books: 10,000
No. of electronic materials: 100 CD-ROM titles
No. of musical media: 200,000 disks/tapes
No. of audio-visual material: 50,000 disks/videos
No. of staff: 578

Complex includes: Conference Center (3200 seats), science museum, planetarium, school of information studies, calligraphy institute and museum
Alexandria lies north-west of the Nile delta and stretches along a narrow land strip between the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mariut (Mareotis). It is linked to Cairo by two major highways, the Agricultural Road and the Desert Road, and a railroad line. It is one of the most notable summer resorts in the Middle East, for, in addition to its temperate winters, its beaches, with white sands and magnificent scenery, stretch for 140 km along the Mediterranean Sea, from Abu Qir, in the east to El-Alamein and Sidi Abdul Rahman, in the west.


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